Yangshou Town, Yangzhou, Jiangsu




Jiangsu Nanyang Machinery Manufacturing co.f LTD. Was established in

1971, after more than 40 years of rapid development fixed assets of 150

million yuan, registered capital 45 million yuan, annual sales of 300 million


The company specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of

HF welded pipe line, stainless steel precision welded pipe line,

high-precision steel plastic and stainless steel composite welded pipe line.

The design and manufacture of various specifications and models...




We look forward to working with you,

mutual benefit and win-win,create brilliant!

      The company independently developed the GW typo CNC complex profile rolling

production line, the ZG thin-walled large-flat square type welding tube mill, which was set up

as the national torch program project by the national science and technology department.

DF20C CNC cold cutting type flying saw machine was established as a technology innovation

fund project for small and medium-sized enterprises by the ministry of science and technology.


  • 产品名称 ZG series tube mill line
  • 产品名称 ZG series tube mill line
  • 产品名称 ZG series tube mill line
  • 产品名称 ZG series tube mill line
  • 产品名称 ZG series big size tube mill line
  • 产品名称 ZG273 sizing machine



Explanation of the advantages of high frequency welded pipe unit equipment
Compared with seamless pipes, the high-frequency welded pipe unit has the characteristics of strong continuity
Interpretation of maintenance and maintenance of high frequency welded pipe unit
First of all, in the process of use, we must strictly operate according to the operating procedures in the instruction manual, and can not let the machine overload and operation
How to prevent damage to the high frequency welded pipe unit?
In general, the development of high-frequency welded pipe units must comply with the safe operating procedures, the operator must not be in contact with the mold during the operation of the unit